We take full control of your catering service and kitchen team and work alongside the school or HO leadership to ensure the service levels are agreed and met throughout the course of the contract.

With a sound agreement in place, it leaves the Relish/School partnership to build a food hub that interacts with curriculum, school events, school council, and gardening, cookery, breakfast and after school clubs! The list is not exhaustive and we are always looking at new ways to raise the profile of food in school.


Taking the catering service in-house whilst using the Relish support. Relish have the tools to help you manage the team and the department ~ offering our advice and guidance during our regular site visits alongside our management and monitoring of the finances and the set up of our back of house systems and web support.

“There are no other companies offering the flexibility of support that we do - our fantastic Relish-ops IT system ensures every kitchen is driven with commercialism, professionalism, compliance and relative to their customer base”


Reducing the support package from Contracted or Advisory at the end of the initial agreement and only if the school feel they can operate with independence.

The School Food Standards, HACCP, Health & Safety, Risk Assessments, COSHH, Allergens, Purchasing Due Diligence -

All systems and procedures relative to catering legislation remain in place with an annual site audit to ensure local compliance is maintained.

Getting Underway