The new-build Refectory at The Kingswinford School

When old became new...

The Kingswinford School had been well serviced by their pre-fabricated catering building for over 25 years when they secured funding to build a brand new catering facility. Construction began in 2016. We became a school partner in 2017 when the building works were almost complete and the project team were beginning to focus on the final internal layout and contents. Our timing could not be better so we became involved in the planning of the finer detail in our many site/project meetings.

Here's what we wanted to achieve when launching the new facility:

  • a current and on-trend food offer but one that offered wholesome, nutritious food
  • an offer that appealed to our teenage market and had a high street feel about it
  • value for money with meal deals that competed with the external offers
  • fully compliant with the school food standards
  • a modern and stylish environment - an enjoyable place to be
  • a speedy service that could accommodate 1000 pupils in two short service periods!

The photo's help tell the story of how the new facility took shape and our preparations for the launch of the new service and high-street style food offer.