It is hard to believe that both the quality of the food offer AND the financial health of the department improve when the Relish services are launched but it usually is the case! You might think it more believable that a better food offer is going to cost more but here are the reasons why it doesn't...

financial benefit

Unlike our competitors, Relish set up the supplier deals and payroll of the catering team directly with the school - that way, we maintain lower fees by having a reduced cash flow.

Furthermore, the finance systems are arranged so all generated catering income falls directly to the school which offsets the cost of catering.

Then, as we drive up the sales, the school is also the beneficiary of the increased revenue because our fee remains at the same low level it was originally set at - regardless of the sales improvement.

Contracted - Fixed Charges and Profit Share

Not all schools have the financial resource to manage an increased cash flow that in-house catering can bring about which means the fully contracted model may be the most suited option.

The supplies and payroll costs are Relish's responsibility and the school is more comfortable with fixed fees and charges

That said, where an operating profit is achieved, we show it and share it! We believe the growth and success of the catering service should deliver benefit to both parties and motivate for continued effort and development.

Value for money - Reli-Shop

The Reli-Shop system is our online procurement platform and provides complete traceability in all of our purchasing.

- after all, we are responsible for setting and spending the food budget which can be a considerable proportion of school expenditure.

We do this by:

negotiating competitive deals that remain fixed for an extended timeline.

monitoring price movement updates on fresh commodity groups to help us manage our food offer.

managing all relative procurement due diligence so the supply chain has complete traceability.

Engaging with procurement frameworks for in-house schools as an alternative to the Relish Supply chain.