We make no secret that we aim for outstanding which means focussing on attention to detail with the food offer and social dining experience.

We strive to develop and improve our services and support to help our schools feel they've achieved what they set out to do for their catering services.

The children are not just in school to learn... they have become our teachers too!

By taking on board their ideas, innovation and new trends we can shape our service to suits their needs which is the most delightful and satisfying part of our work.

It is our aim to deliver the best in-house or fully contracted catering service solution in the UK.

We are a team of dedicated caterers and have developed our support models to school partners based on the wealth of experience we have gained in the education sector. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ service solution for any school or group and that is reflected in our unique approach to each client, in our bespoke build of support within the catering department and in the market-leading IT support system we have developed.

We work to ensure we are in partnership with our schools. A school or group taking any of our support models will ensure their pupils are provided with a catering service as great as it can possibly be.

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